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We are all grateful for the kettle to work first thing in the morning to have that much needed cup of tea.

Electricity is taken for granted and part of our lives these days, however just because we expect the kettle to work and lights to come on this doesn’t mean that the electricity companies can do what they want when they want (unless they have a specific order from the courts to do so!).

However, except in the case of an emergency, and that means danger to life or limb, they should always ask for access to your land whether it is for tree cutting, repairing an underground cable or replacing a section of overhead line that has been damaged by a falling tree.

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Obviously most reasonable people would appreciate the sight of a worker in a hi visibility jacket walking across the fields to repair a fault especially if your power is off, but access should be sought first.

Invariably any fault will require a van or 4x4 at least and several operatives.

Often much larger vehicles will be needed. Ultimately you may be left with damage of one sort or another.

BLB Utilities are able to assess any damage and arrange appropriate repairs or compensation should this be the better option. Having an agent working on your behalf saves you the aggravation associated with such problems.

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