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Martin Page

BEd (Hons)

Managing Director


Injurious Affect Claims, Wayleave Assessments, Equipment Relocation, Damage Claims.


Over 30 years within the Electricity Supply Industry.

After spending many years looking after the consents for electricity industry equipment, we now look after the landowners who have this equipment on their land. This ranges from low voltage lines that might need moving to large pylon lines where compensation might be possible.

Often land owners do not realise the amount of work associated with some large power line schemes, so having someone to look after all the aspects surrounding the installation of underground cables and overhead lines is of a great benefit.

We also source land for solar farms ranging from 8 acres to 100 acres (or more!). Looking after the feasibilty phase, through the planning stages to final construction.



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Martin Page

BEd (Hons)

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