Solar Energy Farms

BLB Utilities are pleased to advise that they are working with a Solar Energy development and installation company who have a proven track record planning and rolling out Solar Farms across the country.

The silent generator, as these sites are being called, are becoming more and more popular, especially with the issues surrounding wind farms increasing.

BLB Utilities source suitable land anywhere from around 25 acres up to 100 acres, or more, for potential development. Ideally 25 acres is the optimum starting point.

About 10 acres of solar energy produces about 1MW (megawatt) of electricity and this power is fed back in to the electricity network. Having a power line on or near to the site is an obvious advantage.

Secure 25 year rents are paid on a per MW basis therefore providing a long term guaranteed return.

The Solar Energy company meets all the costs associated with obtaining any necessary planning permission through to installation.

Both brown field and green field sites are potentially attractive for development.