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Our in-house Electrical and Mechanical Engineering department complements the Building Surveying, Quantity Surveying and Utilities branches.

Having an integrated mechanical and electrical knowledge base close to hand, with the ability to provide quality, detailed specifications, overcome technical challenges with innovative solutions both quickly and effectively, helps us adapt rapidly to the changing needs of the client.

Utilising this invaluable resource in-house allows costs and timescales to be kept to a minimum, by maximising all the benefits a close working cohesive team with a common goal can provide.

The M&E team at BLB Surveyors can provide a complete package, from inception through survey, design, procurement and project management, for mechanical and electrical based works as part of a larger contract or independently as a standalone job.

We utilise a range of modern design software packages to reduce the need to sub-contract out specialist design services.

A friendly, hands on, solution lead approach to M&E challenges involves the client in the decision making process throughout to ensure the end result is both as expected, and in line with modern building requirements.

We have delivered M&E based projects on time and on budget for local authorities and private clients alike. We consistently promote the use of energy efficient sustainable solutions to enable our clients to make best use of available grants and carbon reduction incentives.

Find out how we can integrate your M&E requirements into your entire project by contacting us.

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