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Many home owners are not aware they might be entitled to make a claim for a power line that crosses their property, or if they have any part of a steel tower located on their land. If the line crosses a property or is within a couple of metres, a claim might still be possible.

Home owners cannot claim just because the line is visible from their property, as the wires have to cross your land, or be very near. If a claim has not been made for the power line or tower before, BLB Utilities can manage the whole process from start to finish.

You may be getting an annual wayleave payment, although often these payments have never been paid. We should still be able to make a claim for you. Once BLB Utilities are instructed we will carry out all the necessary investigations to ensure that a valid claim is possible.

When this is established we will negotiate on your behalf with the relevant DNO (electricity company) or National Grid to assess the claim and identify any other relevant details.

If the property owner is comfortable with the offer the matter will then be passed to the respective solicitors to carry out the legal documentation. This can take a few months to complete. Ultimately the funds, less BLB Utilities' contingency fee, will then be paid direct to the land owner.

The involvement from the land owner can be as little or as much as they wish. If they want, they can just sit back and wait for the assessment and the offer, which can take a few months to obtain. You as the property owner will not be required to pay any upfront fees. We only ever recover our fees out of any compensation obtained on your behalf.

Please remember, if you don’t claim, the next owner of your property can. It is also worth considering what are the chances of the line ever being removed? 

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